10 Places You Should Avoid If You Don’t Like Sharks

Despite what you’ve seen in movies, shark attacks aren’t just plentiful in Amity Island. While the New England town is the most dangerous place for shark attacks in the fictional world, many beaches in real life are frequented by these underwater predators. If you want to avoid being the victim of a vicious shark attacks, here are 10 tourist destinations you should probably take off of your travel bucket list:

Papua New Guinea

[Above: Tiger shark attacks are amongst the most common in Papua New Guinea.]

Papua New Guinea is the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the 3,000 mile coastline has logged 49 shark attacks and 25 fatalities since 1925. Although shark attacks are quite common, locals also have a habit of fishing for filter feeder sharks. Fisheries in Papua New Guinea export about $1 million in shark fin products a year.

[Below: Grey reef shark, although plentiful in New Guinea, are actually harmless. Grey reef sharks are the most common victims of shark calling.]

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