Best Selfies Ever

Surprisingly, one of the first photographs ever taken was a “selfie.” Robert Cornelius produced an image of himself way back in 1839, paving the way for the creative works of art we have today. “Selfies” are all the rage in the mid 2010s, but they have undergone a lengthy process on their path to stardom. Back in the good ole days, cameras used to take an eternity to set-up and snap an image. As you can imagine, this made the process of “selfie” making one of difficulty and heartache.

Then, the iPhone came about, and the revolution began. What the Beatles did for music, Apple has done for personal photography. Let’s praise that great company for allowing individuals the chance to express themselves. Especially THESE individuals…

In related news, Adobe Photoshop is has transformed the world of selfies by making it impossible not to take one. If you haven’t been outside in awhile and are in need of some tone, feel free to touch up your image before posting it to Facebook. Words of advice to even the most naturally aesthetically pleasing of people.

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