Some of the Most Hated Celebrities And Their Instagram Accounts

Celebrities: we love to hate them, and hate to love them, but they’ll always be at the forefront of gossip columns and on the front of magazines.  The lifestyle of the rich and famous, though, isn’t always so glamorous, especially when we find out how easy it can be to hate on celebrities from a distance.  Their lives are anything but private, and so we see the worst of them projected everywhere.  The following celebrities, however, are some of the most despised on Instagram:

1. Justin Bieber

Once an innocent teen idol with a signature haircut, Bieber has officially become the fifth most hated man in the U.S., according to a poll done by E-Score.  Not to mention his ridiculous outfits and awful tattoos with stupid antics to match.  Why would he think that Anne Frank would have been a ‘Belieber’?

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